"Encourage yourself, support yourself, and celebrate every little thing about yourself."

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too many dudes ruin things for other dudes. respect the women, be cool

if another nigga can ruin shit for you yo shit was flawwed to begin with

nah i don’t think that’s true

if a chick is that hurt, she’ll deny anything to any guy, even one that deserves it i think

who got time to be repairin bitches hearts like tony stark anyway

If you could get her number, get her to tell you everything about her, get her to tell you all her secrets, get her to feel comfortable around you(naked, period talk, whatever else) and have sex all in one day……most relationships would mean nothing. It wouldn’t matter if you wanted to breakup or divorce….because you could “fall in love” within the next hour or two….so that’s why I’m saying….if you want SOMEBODY…not just a woman….and they are being various with you….use it to your advantage….work as hard as you can for them…in the long run…that shit will be worth it….because in reality…you can’t do something like that for just anybody…but only somebody special.

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